Class of 2019
Promotion Activities

Registration & Shirt Size Collection

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All 6th grade students must complete registration even if they do not plan to attend the optional events. We need to collect t-shirt sizes for all students for their commemorative class shirt!

Class of 2019 Promotion
Committee Leads

Promotion Committee Co-Chairs
Gina Colin & Donna Corsell

Dominic Corsell

Volunteer Lead
Dai Luong

Slideshow Leads
Eric Matsuoka & Yvonne French

Dance Lead
Liz Truong

Pool Party Leads
Yvonne French & Beverly Byrd

Promotion Ceremony Leads
Parneet Kochar & Lani Bergevin

More volunteers are needed to help at our events and activities! Click the button below to visit our Sign Up Genius Link!

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Class of 2019 Slideshow

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Send us your photo contributions to the slideshow!

Please see the instructions in the expanding tab on this webpage titled "Class of 2019 Slideshow - Photo Collection"

Class of 2019

6th Grade Promotion Activities

Silver Oak Logo Class of 2019

The Silver Oak journey that began for most in August of 2012 will soon be coming to an end. Over the past seven years, our children have made wonderful friendships, had great experiences, and created lasting memories. As we prepare for 6th Grade Promotion in June, we are planning a number of activities to commemorate our students' last weeks at Silver Oak.

Keep Up-To-Date on All Promotion Activities!
We will be sending out regular emails reminding you of all the events via PowerSchool. Please make sure your email address is current in the system. If you have any questions about PowerSchool, please contact the Silver Oak School front office.

We are excited for our children and look forward to making all these special events memorable for them! If you have any questions, please contact us!

Thank you for your support!

6th Grade Promotion Co-Chairs, Class of 2019
Gina Colin (Eliana) and Donna Corsell (Nicolina)

Promotion Activities - FAQ

What are the Promotion Events?

Promotion events are fun and memorable events that are specifically for the Silver Oak 6th Grade graduating class. The activities typically include the following:

  • 6th Grade SCVCC Pool Party (optional participation)
  • 6th Grade School Field Trip (school-organized trip)
  • 6th Grade Graduation Dance (optional participation)
  • 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony (required participation)

Are Promotion Events mandatory?

The only event that is mandatory is the Promotion Ceremony.

POOL PARTY - optional, payment & pre-registration required
FIELD TRIP - optional, payment & permission slip required
DANCE - optional, payment & pre-registration required

Who is responsible for planning these events?

The POOL PARTY and DANCE are planned by your PROMOTION COMMITTEE. The committee usually has event teams that are responsible for planning and chaperoning each event.

The FIELD TRIP is planned and executed by the 6TH GRADE TEACHING STAFF. Each year they decide where the kids will go... usually Great America or Raging Waters. Information about this field trip and permission slips are sent home by the school. The teachers also serve as chaperones for this event.

The PROMOTION CEREMONY is a jointly executed event between the SCHOOL and the PROMOTION COMMITTEE. The school handles all the logistics for the ceremony, itself... and the cake. The committee handles the decorations, slideshow, ceremony check-in, any give-aways, and clean-up.

Who is the Promotion Committee?

The Promotion Committee is a group of 6th grade parents that volunteer to plan and execute all the festivities and commemorative items for your graduating class. The committee typically consists of:

  • Promotion Committee Lead or Co-Leads
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteer Lead
  • Event Teams
    • Class Representatives
    • Concession Sales
    • Pool Party
    • Dance
    • Promotion Ceremony
    • Slideshow
    • Class T-shirt / Signature Tile
    • Class Gift

How can I join the Promotion Committee?

Contact the Promotion Volunteer Lead and let them know if you would like to lead a promotion team! Contact information is listed on this webpage. For those that would like to help out at events or on a sub-committee, a Sign-Up Genius volunteer link will be available soon as well. Many hands make light work, and help is most certainly needed to plan an amazing send-off for our kids!

If you are a fifth grade parent that is interested in leading the committee for the next promotion class, please let the current Promotion lead(s) know. This is an informal handoff, year-to-year. It helps to know who is interested in taking the reins for the next graduating class!

    Registration for Optional Promotion Activites

    If your 6th grader would like to participate in any of the optional promotion activities and events, you must pre-register them by the Friday May 3 deadline.

    Click the blue "Click to Register" button on this webpage to access the Online Registration Form. Here you will be able to select and pay for events and sign permission slips. For families with more than one 6th grade student, please register each child separately.
    NOTE: Teachers will send out a separate permission slip for the 6th grade field trip, as this is a school-planned event.

    Volunteers Needed!!

    In order for these events to happen, we need your help! If you are interested in volunteering for any (or all) of our upcoming events and activities, please visit our Sign-Up Genius volunteer link!

    Please contact our Volunteer Lead, Dai Luong, with any questions you might have about how to help with Promotion activities.

    Class of 2019 Slideshow - Photo Collection

    The Promotion Slideshow is a Silver Oak tradition that all parents and students look forward to enjoying. It is a 7-year stroll down memory lane to be presented during the Promotion Ceremony. What makes this memorable show possible is your photo contributions... we need your help collecting pictures!

    • 2 digital pictures of your child
      • one photo from kindergarten (or as close as possible)
      • one photo recently taken in 6th grade.
    • Candid group digital pictures of Class of 2019 students at school events over the years. We'll use a selection of these submissions as time permits.

    Please upload your pictures by type (Kinder, Current, or Group Candids) to the appropriate link below. When uploading your pictures, please put your child's first and last name in the "File Description" field so that we can easily identify the photos we are receiving. Higher resolution images are best to avoid blurry display on the big screen... we can resize them as necessary.




    NOTE: By sending photos, you are granting permission for the Promotion Committee to include and display the students in the images in the slideshow.

    Please upload all pictures by FRIDAY, MAY 3rd (end of day).

    We cannot guarantee that late submissions will be included. The slideshow takes time to put together, so please be sure to meet this deadline. We would really love for all 6th grade students to be represented in the show!

    If you have any questions regarding the slideshow, please email Eric Matsuoka or Yvonne French.

    2019 Class Gift

    Traditionally, each 6th grade class donates a gift to the school. This year we are working to gift and install an electronic bulletin board to replace the manual info sign in front of Silver Oak School. Depending on what we are able to raise... we are considering one of the following two options...
    Class of 2019 Class Gift Options
    If you, or a business, would like to donate towards this Class of 2019 gift to Silver Oak, you may do so via the online registration form, or by directly contacting a Promotion Committee Chair.

    Donating Families & Sponsors (To-Date)

    Class of 2019 Gift Donors *******
    Yanashita Family
    Welch Family
    Kuntilla-Veeramalla Family
    Vasudev Family
    Taylor Family
    Smith Family
    Kaur-Singh Family
    Ramadass-Shekar Family
    Prince Family
    Passera Family
    Parastie Family
    Oliveira Family
    Vo-Nguyen Family
    Ramareddy-Naik Family
    Lei-Morales Family
    Mohanty Family
    Misra Family
    Covello-Mensor Family
    Martinez Family
    Mann Family
    Kuei-Loo Family
    Kaur-Kochar Family
    Kharya Family
    Khan Family
    Howard Family
    Hanna Family
    Goyal-Gupta Family
    Gardener Family
    Do Family
    O'Young-Cui Family
    Corsell Family
    Chou Family
    Chaves Family
    Luong-Chang Family
    Bommaji Family
    Bhat Family
    Bautista Family
    Bakhru Family
    DJ-Teddy Rockspin
    KP Services
    Anubis Clothing Co
    Burj Capitol

    Upcoming Events

    Beach Ball, Water, Splash!

    Thursday June 6, 1-3 p.m. @ SCVCC Pool

    Raging Waters San Jose

    Monday June 10, Raging Waters San Jose
    (School-organized trip)

    color silhouettes, dance, music notes

    Tuesday, June 11, 5-7 p.m.
    @ Multipurpose Room

    6th Grade Promotion, colored chalk

    Thursday, June 13, 9-10:30 a.m.
    @ Multipurpose Room

    Commemorative Items

    All students receive a class t-shirt and are required to wear it on the day of the Raging Waters field trip

    CLASS of 2019 CLASS TILE
    Personalized tile autographed by the 6th grade class and installed on the tile wall at Silver Oak

    7-year stroll down memory lane to be presented during the Promotion Ceremony. See the expanding tab for detailed instructions for how to submit your photos!

    Thank you to our Sponsors and Donating Families!

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    Anubis Clothing Co

    KP Services

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