Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I report an absence if my child is sick?

A: An absence can be reported by emailing and the student's teacher or by calling the office at (408) 270-4966.

Q: How many days a year can my child be absent?

A: All students are expected to be in class during the academic school year. While we understand certain appointments occur around the school day, we ask you to do your best in scheduling these appointments. 

Q: What's the difference between an excused and unexcused absence?

A: An excused absence means the student has a valid reason to be out of class (i.e. a dental appointment, doctor appointment, etc). 

An unexcused absence means the student does not have a valid reason not to be in class (i.e. vacation, passport appointment, family gathering, etc)

Q: What are the consequences of having too many absences?

A: For every 3 unexcused absences there are Truancy Letters generated through the attendance program. Truancy 1, Truancy 2 and Truancy 3. If you fail to meet the requirements of each Truancy letter, you will be recommended to SARB. 


Q. What is the best way to get my child to school?

A. Evergreen School is a walking school which means the majority of the Evergreen student population lives within walking distance of the school. Students and their families are STRONGLY encouraged to walk to school.

Q.  Why is the front drive through closed?

A.  In addition to enhancing the safety of student arriving and leaving school, we encourage our families to walk as a part of their daily exercise routine.  Generally speaking, all of our families live within one mile of the school.

Q. Will there be a yearbook?

Each year, staff advisors and a group of students create a wonderful book of memories to commemorate the school year. Orders are taken for yearbooks during the year. Books are handed out to students the last week of school so they can be signed by their friends and teachers before the school year ends.